Volunteer opportunities

At the July meeting, we the trustees approved the calendar of programs for the coming year. On Monday, Sept. 9 at 6:00 PM, the trustees will meet to make decisions about our money in the La Crosse Community Foundation. The regular meeting will follow at 7:00 PM at the Cathedral that evening. If you have not contacted us with your suggestions, please feel free to do so. I encourage all new members to become involved, and help out where possible with another full calendar of activities this fall.

• September 11 is a World Day of Prayer. Pray for peace in the world. Your parish church is always there, waiting for a visit from you.
• Road clean-up is our responsibility near the Shrine. John Stubler always needs help with that.
• Steve Flottmeyer is our contact for the Soccer Challenge in October.  Please let him know if you can help.
• Our big fund raiser is the Turkey Shoot on November 10. Terry Stika again has generously accepted the role of organizer. Save the date and some time for fun that day Sunday.

The above events are just a few of our projects. If you know of men who are practicing Catholics, please invite them to join Council 839—and don’t forget the Ladies of Columbus. They make it possible for husbands and wives to do things together. Too often, organizations pull families apart. Last weekend, my wife and I worked on a fund raiser. She baked the pies, but I peeled the apples! Afterward, we dined at the KC Get Together at West Salem.

In charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism....
Denis Kuennen, Grand Knight.