Warming Center

We have certainly had our ups and downs with temperatures this winter. There have been days with highs at zero or below, followed by days above freezing and then back again. Thanks to all who in any way have supported the warming centers for the homeless in La Crosse. The wind chills have been penetrating. It is always windy on St. Joseph Ridge where my parish is; and on those cold days when the wind is from the north, one can hardly open the front doors of the church, which faces north. Only one month until spring!

On January 22 Catholics throughout our nation observed a day of prayer for the legal protection of unborn children, marking the ignominious 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Many young people from our diocese traveled to Washington, DC, for the March for Life. This cause is gaining more and more support from young people, which is bound to produce good fruit in time. May God reward their efforts!

The month of February brings us two important observances. The first is the 22nd annual World Day of the Sick on February 11. This observance reminds us of the dignity of those who are suffering from illness and the loving care which each one deserves. This is another pro-life cause which we Knights are called to promote. The second is Valentine’s Day, which gives you who are married a special day to celebrate your vocation and to show your life’s partner how much she means to you. Marriage is the foundation of family life and of the church family. Knights who are married must faithfully live the marriage vows to fulfill the obligations contingent upon your roles as husbands and fathers.

May God bless you and your families throughout the coming year.
-- Msgr. Michael Gorman, Chaplain