May is the month of Mary

may_crowningMay is the month of Mary, Saint Joseph and mothers. As Christian men we should model our lives after Saint Joseph, the “just man” to whom God entrusted the care of his only-begotten Son and his Virgin Mother. May we also appreciate the Ladies of Columbus and the work they do to support our council.

May should be for us a month devoted to promoting the virtues of chastity and modesty, because it is the month of the ever-virgin Mary and of Saint Joseph, “her most chaste spouse.” The month begins with the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker (on May 2 this year) the patron saint of our diocese. Throughout our Cathedral and on the façade there is the emblem of the lily, symbol of Saint Joseph’s chastity, with leaves which are carpenter’s squares, symbols of his craftsmanship. Let us revere him in his chastity as the “Guardian of the Redeemer and the Husband of Mary.” Of course, as our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary is the patroness and model of chastity, devoted in love to God’s plan for our salvation as “the handmaid of the Lord.”

As Knights of Columbus and as Christian men, dedicated to the promotion of human life and dignity, let us be devoted to the virtue of chastity in thought, word and deed. This is a basic family value which cannot be ignored by anyone who is truly “pro-life.”

May God bless you and your families.
-- Fr. Michael Gorman, Chaplain