The Gospel of Life

Happy New Year! The year begins with the 45th annual World Day of Prayer for Peace. The theme of this year’s World Day of Prayer for Peace is, “Educating Young People in Justice and Peace.” In this year’s message Pope Benedict XVI explains why he has chosen this theme: “in the conviction that the young, with their enthusiasm and idealism, can offer new hope to the world.” He addresses several groups who must provide various aspects of this work of educating: parents, families and all those involved in the area of education and formation, as well as leaders in the various spheres of religious, social, political, economic and cultural life, and in the media, and young people themselves. “Young people too need to have the courage to live by the same high standards that they set for others. Theirs is a great responsibility: may they find the strength to make good and wise use of their freedom. They too are responsible for their education, including their education in justice and peace!” The entire message can be found at the Vatican web site, link)


The “Gospel of Life” is based upon the conviction that God is the author of all human life and the dignity of every individual human being. Sunday, January 22, 2012, marks the 39th anniversary of the deception that the “right to privacy” is greater than the “right to life.” The March for Life will be held in Washington, DC, this year on Monday, January 23. This is one area where the young people of our diocese of high school and college age have demonstrated “their enthusiasm and idealism.” Let us pray for and support those who will participate in this year’s March for Life.

Brother Knights, continue to carry the torch in defense of the unborn and of all whose human dignity is threatened in any way! We must also continue to defend the nature of marriage as God has ordained it, and the right of people of conscience to act according to their religious and moral convictions. Many challenges lie ahead. Our Holy Father exhorts young people in his message and all of us “to be patient and persevering in seeking justice and peace, in cultivating the taste for what is just and true, even when it involves sacrifice and swimming against the tide.