Seasons of grace for our families and for our Church

220px-Noel-coypel-the-resurrection-of-christ-17001Dear Brother Knights,

We are coming to the climactic conclusion of Lent with Holy Week and Easter quickly approaching. In our meditations on the Stations of the Cross, we must remember what a cruel and tortuous reality Christ’s passion was. Even so, God’s Son willingly embraced such a death as the sacrifice for our redemption! Thank God for his Son, and thank God for Easter!

The seasons of Lent and Easter are seasons of grace for our families and for our Church. Adults are baptized or received into the full communion of the Catholic Church; children make their first confession and first communion; older children are confirmed. These and all the sacraments are a participation in the Paschal Mystery—the death and resurrection of Jesus for our redemption. In them we encounter the Risen Lord and are renewed in holiness. What a blessing!

This year’s early spring weather corresponds to the Easter gospel of new life. On the other hand government intrusion into areas of religious freedom casts a shadow upon our Church’s ability to practice what she preaches when it comes to human life and human sexuality. The bishops of our country are united in defending our need to practice as an institution what the Church has always taught on these matters. Many who are not Catholic also recognize the constitutional principle being violated here and have spoken in solidarity with the Catholic bishops. Can we do any less?

May God bless you and your families this Easter and always.

-- Fr. Michael Gorman, Chaplain