Supporting the arts and the homeless

When I was in grade school, I saw a peculiar sight. A tall six-footer rode his bicycle to the nun’s convent for piano lessons. We kids knew that he was from the public school. It was more of a surprise when I got to the public high school and that same tall kid had bulked up and was named first team all-conference in Northeast Iowa. That teenager had two abilities that we would all like to have—musical and athletic. It seems that in our culture, athletic talent has come to be the one that everyone wants. At least that is for which we pay the most. Did you read that the Badger football coach signed a contract for ten million? Of course, that is for five years. And he replaces a coach who will get almost double that figure in his new position. But what about music and the other fine arts? Aren’t they important?

The Weber Center for the Performing Arts opened last weekend. Here is our chance to stand up and support the fine arts. I enjoyed visiting with Brother Knights at the Grand Opening and I look forward to attending future events. On May 11, we have reserved an opportunity to serve as volunteers to work in the beautiful Weber Center as guests arrive. We need a dozen or so Knights in shirt and tie beginning at 6:15 PM on May 11. I have a few couples who plan to join us but I need more. Please call me at 793-1972 if you are interested in free tickets. Social at Terry and Sue Stika’s will follow “Les Miserables” on that evening.

Serving the Weber Center will give our Council 839 visibility and good P.R. Another way to get good public relations is to get involved in Habitat for Humanity. This program is Christian and non-profit and seeks to eliminate poverty and homelessness one family at a time. The organization assists in providing affordable homes to needy families. Nationwide in the last three years, the Knights and their families have contributed about 4.3 million hours and $2.5 million to Habitat projects. Habitat for Humanity is one of the eight featured programs of the Knights of Columbus. You can get more info at www. or stop in at the local store at Cass and South Third street.

Next meeting: Monday, February 11, 7 p.m., Cathedral Undercroft

Yours in a Happy New Year and in Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism,
Denis Kuennen, Grand Knight.